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CASA volunteers are trained, caring adults who place themselves at the center of a child’s life and serve in their best interest. They serve during the scariest time of a child’s life, the time they are removed from the only home they have ever known and placed in a system of strangers.

A CASA volunteer is a court appointed special advocate. It is a volunteer commitment unlike any other. Mandated by Oklahoma state statutes, a CASA volunteer is sworn in as an officer of the court. They have access to all the important information and privilege needed to make life changing, best interest decisions for the children of Oklahoma County.

The effects the system leaves on children generation after generation is a piece of the puzzle that helps further perpetuate the need for the system. This cycle can only be intervened by actions that fall outside the unnatural setting of out of home placements, shelters, foster care, courtrooms, caseworkers, and the list goes on.

These actions, for most of us, were provided by our parents. In the court setting, this role is most often times left empty unless a child is assigned a CASA volunteer.

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  • To be a CASA volunteer, you must be at least 21 years old.
  • Able to pass a background check

Making a Difference

CASA volunteers, who commit to at least one year of advocacy and undergo an extensive training program (40 hours of initial training; 12 hours annually in-service), normally become case experts. They meet monthly with the children in the case, interview all of the principals involved in the action (e.g., parents, foster parents, social workers, teachers, law enforcement, etc.), and attend all court hearings. The National CASA Association has determined that children with a CASA volunteer on their cases:

  • Receive more services than those without;
  • Do better in school (more likely to pass courses, less likely to exhibit poor conduct, and less likely to be expelled);
  • Are more likely to be adopted;
  • Are half as likely to reenter foster care;
  • Are substantially less likely to remain in long term foster care.


Training is one of the most important components of our CASA program. CASA of Oklahoma County (CASAofOKCo) ensures that our advocate volunteers, to the Oklahoma County Juvenile Court, have an in-depth knowledge of the case and can make fact-based recommendations to the court. The process begins with careful screening after recruitment and 40 hours of comprehensive training before appointment. Volunteers are required to complete a written application containing information about educational background, training, employment history and experience working with children.

After having successfully completed the assessment process, prospective advocates enter the initial phase of their training. CASAofOKCo training includes theoretical and practical components to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to fulfill this volunteer role.

Once training is complete, each volunteer is assigned an advocate supervisor. Advocate supervisors perform a tutorial role as they guide their volunteers through the various stages of the cases they have been assigned.

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In-service Training

After becoming a volunteer, additional training is required annually in compliance with national standard. In-service formal training is available quarterly to help volunteers meet the twelve hours of continuing education annually.  This is a great way for practicing advocate volunteers to keep their basic skills sharp and to provide a more in-depth study of critical issues relating to child abuse and neglect.

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Flex Training

Flex Training curriculum has been developed to satisfy an increasing desire from individuals with competing demands on time and resources to engage in child advocacy. Flex training will be combine 15 hours of online theory with 15 hours of round table, in-person practical application classes.

If interested in flex training, please contact our Volunteer Recruiter and Training Facilitator

Enhanced Curriculum

Fostering Futures

Just over 50% of the abused and neglected children served by CASA of OK County are within the age range of 7 to 21. In 2013, CASA of Oklahoma County was fortunate to receive funding to allow the implementation of the Fostering Futures curriculum.  Fostering Futures curriculum, created by the National CASA Association, focuses on improving outcomes for older and emancipating youth, ages 14 to 21, served by CASA volunteers. The training is designed to equip advocates with the necessary resources in preparing youth who verge on aging out of the system with the tools needed to set future-focused goals. This program empowers these at-risk teenagers and young adults with practical knowledge needed for setting doctor appointments, finding housing and engaging in healthy relationships.